Core Capabilities

R&D Capability
Airvortech is a distinguished national high-tech enterprise that has secured over 50 core intellectual property rights and patents, including invention patents in China, the United States, and Japan. It is globally recognized for its cutting-edge research and development in high-speed DC motor and drive control technology. All our product specifications and performance have undergone rigorous testing and have received various certifications. Our team of over 30 R&D personnel comprises of 4 fluid mechanics engineers, 3 motor development engineers, 5 software and hardware engineers, 5 structural engineers, and other specialists.

We have a reliable and highly skilled team of experts who are dedicated to conducting extensive research and development for our outdoor gear products. They constantly strive to generate fresh and original ideas, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Another focus is on expanding our team, with special emphasis on talent acquisition in the fields of product innovation strategy and management systems.

To perform numerical simulations of complex flows in fluid mechanics, a significant amount of computing power is needed. AirVortech specializes in focused hydrodynamic research and development. In 2020, we developed our own original algorithm, and over the years, we have successfully tailored it to multiple outdoor product cases in 2021 and 2022.
Production Capability
Airvortech possess a total of three factories, where one encompasses 6,000 square meters, another occupies 4,000 square meters and the third covers an area of 3,000 square meters. We have a total of 80+ friendly, patient and helpful staff members who work diligently to ensure production quality. The factories contains 6 assembly lines each spanning 20 meters, 7 injection molding machines, and multiple testing equipments. An integrated approach is used in the injection molding process, assembly, warehousing and logistics to provide a seamless production cycle.

The combined production capacity of the three factories exceeds 9,000 units per day, guaranteeing a steady supply of products.

The factories has obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and BSCI certification, ensuring top-notch production and exceptional after-sales service.
Quality Control
As a part of our commitment to quality assurance in new product development and production, we take the following steps:

- We actively participate and communicate in new projects, providing expertise and guidance wherever needed.

- We conduct structured reviews of the design and mold, ensuring that they meet our high standards of quality.

- We verify the mold to ensure it meets our requirements before proceeding with production.

- Our laboratory conducts comprehensive testing of new products for reliability and performance. These tests are carried out either in-house at our laboratory or by third-party laboratories.

- Our goal is to ensure that our new products meet all national standards and local regulations wherever they are sold.